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Methods Done By Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services Carpets are naturally created and designed with materials that are prone to accumulation of dirt, dust and other similar particles. Houses that have either pets, kids or both are said to have the most necessity to have frequent carpet cleaning services. Furs can accumulate as well as stain from food and pet waste- this can leave a house looking dirty and without proper hygiene. Besides looking like a dirty house, a dirty and unkempt carpet can also be the source of diseases and illnesses. The first thing that homeowners do is vacuum the carpets- as much as this can clean, it doesn’t guarantee thorough cleaning. So how do professionals clean the rugs? Read below and find out: There are varied types of carpet cleaning – something which most people do not know about. Vacuum cleaning is said to be the first thing done to all of these types though. Dust and dirt must first be eliminated in order to ensure that all the methods to be applied after can be effective. Dry cleaning is the better term given to the primary step of vacuuming. To some companies, vacuuming is made special by adding cleaning powders as they vacuum the rugs; typically though, simple vacuuming is done. The powders are said to make vacuuming easier as it helps attract the dirt – this guarantees that there are no dirt and dust particles left on the carpet. Immediately after the powder is applied, vacuuming will follow.
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Just like hair, rugs/carpets also need to be washed with shampoo. The process is known to be part of the pre-treatment process. The shampoo is the cleaning solution that is applied on the carpet as it is being washed.This is not done with the hands but rather with the help of a machine that is specially designed to wash the rugs- accompanied by the vacuum cleaner again, washing becomes even more efficient. The main purpose of the shampoos are to clean the rugs, brighten the color and also give a fresh smelling scent – this is the reason why all cleaning products have deodorizes incorporated. But shampooing along cannot guarantee that all microbes will be eliminated, especially for a rug that has pet stains.
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Steam cleaning process is the procedure which is also called as the hot water extraction. This process is said to be the most effective and can provide the best results as well. There is an equipment that is said to be used for the special process. With the help of the machine that is filled with both water and detergent, there is proper application on the carpets.