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How Contact Lenses Can Help Dry Eyes If you suffer from chronic dry eyes, you can be sure it is annoying to say the very least. Having dry eyes can be the difference between being in a special moment and worrying about how you are going to formulate a tear. Many people are paying a substantial amount of money to visit eye doctors and specialists to fix this issue for them. There is a better way to remove chronic dry eye syndrome, and it may surprise you. Those with dry eye syndrome suffer from issues with their tear ducts, causing them not to be able to form tears naturally. Even though there is no cure for dry eye syndrome, you can lessen the symptoms of scratchiness, burning and dryness quite easily. There is a chemical compound in tears that allows them to fade within a fraction of a second. Because of this if you cannot produce enough tears, the tears will still dissolve, but there won’t be any to replace them. There are many common contributing factors to dry eyes, which include smoking, living in a dry or windy area, Vitamin A deficiency, prolonged computer use, antidepressants, birth control pills, and other medications, as well as dust allergies.
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The cure for this may surprise you; contact lenses. The lenses you get will depend greatly on the reasons you have chronic dry eyes, so you will want to discuss this with your eye doctor. Contact lenses are water based, so they should be wet whenever they are handled, and will provide you with the lubrication and tears your eyes need. These kinds of contact lenses are designed to be able to be worn for a long period of time, so you can keep your eyes filled with water and never dry and scratchy.
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It is vital that you contact an optometrist before you purchase any contact lenses, as you will need to have an eye exam done to determine the cause of your dry eye, and if that is even the real contributing factor to your discomfort. You will need a specialized treatment from your optometrist for your condition, which can be provided to you with the use of contact lenses prescribed from your doctor. Remember to always speak to your optometrist before purchasing, as they will be able to guide and consult you as to which lenses will be best suited for your symptoms. If you are fed up with the annoying scratchiness, burning, and dryness that chronic dry eyes make you suffer with, consider talking to your optometrist about the use of contact lenses to cure your symptoms and get you back into living your life.