Drug and alcohol treatment in Texas

Due to technological advancement, there are different techniques used currently to deal with treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Since the changes affects the entire world, Texas is not an exceptional. Drug abuse crisis has been a setback in Texas due to the introduction of products and services including drugs across its boundary with Mexico. At the border, drug lobby groups strive to maintain control of the market with the sole aim of delivering their products to the United States of America. The inhabitants of Texas are estimated to be above twenty three million, due to the changing weather patterns the state experiences varying cases of drug exploitation and alcohol dependency. As compared to other states, Texas has ever increased cases of different types of drugs in the market at the time.
At the south, the illegal products are smuggled from cities like McAllen, El Paso. Brownsville and Laredo. The list is endless since it includes even some towns with a tiny population by the side of the boundary. These products are then transported upwards to be delivered through Houston, Forth Worth and Dallas. Since 1998, Cocaine has been the main predicament facing Texas.

According to research findings, the cases have declined significantly from thirty two per cent to eighteen percent within a period span of one decade. This decline was also reported in learning institutions where students had the tendency of over indulging in drug abuse-Cocaine. As a pointer, to future planning, this shows the actual statistical data to work with effectively. It is particularly worrying to note that drug users vary according to the type of product they use. There are two types of Cocaine (inhalers and injectors). The inhalers are basically substances which can be inhaled through the nostril while the injector is consumed when a person pricks him/herself using a needle and a syringe. The drug is injected direct through the veins into the blood stream. Based on the findings, it was recorded that drug inhalers have stayed for the duration of about 11 years between the commencement of use to daily use and admission to therapy sessions as compared to injectors who have duration of 17 year.
Another type of drug that has shown increased usage between 2008 and 2009 is Heroin. The drug is rampant with adolescents and adults. Heroin inhalers are significantly reduced in number as compared to injectors. Statistics shows that between the commencement of use and the time they look for remedy, was 7 years to 14 years in that order. Due to this trend in Texas, the Substance Abuse Treatment Services National survey posted the total number of rehabilitation strategic centers within the state so that they can help its citizen. According to the circulation, there are 459 programs available and, which can cater for over 34,500 clients at a certain time. The response was not encouraging because out of the number who came for treatment, over 95 per cent were served as outpatient cases. Services offered here were not as effective as compared to services rendered for the client while admitted as an inpatient. Other patients had to be referred for a longer duration of time depending on the nature of the diagnosis at home based treatment facilities.

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